Types of Cyber Security Solutions

With millions of dollars invested each year into digital media, information technology (IT) infrastructure and online security research and development, there is an abundance of cyber security vendors vying for market share in the global marketplace. To remain a leader in digital security, organizations must define and deploy best practice standards to mitigate the evolving threats to corporate information. Traditional IT security measures such as firewall protection, security management, access control, etc. are insufficient in the fight against cyber criminals, hackers and viruses because these measures only provide a measure of cyber security while the threat is active, not when it is dormant or inactive. Read more about 몸캠피싱

Cybersecurity vendors are leveraging technology and new applications to deliver cyber security solution to help organizations achieve higher levels of cyber security. With digitalization, information is moving faster reaching its destination. As a result, traditional security measures are unable to keep up with the pace of digital transformation. Cyber criminals are becoming clever and more sophisticated. To ensure that your digital assets are safe from misuse, you must have a cyber security solution that will enable you to detect, prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

There are many cyber security solutions in the market that offer integrated security and prevention against online threats such as phishing, fraud, spyware attacks, malware attacks and hacking. These solutions address the current vulnerabilities, which attackers exploit and take advantage to gain access to your organization’s most valuable assets and information. Depending on the nature of the threats, these solutions can be categorized into three categories: Prevention, Protection and Detection. Each has its own strengths and limitations and the level of protection and security that you want to achieve will depend on the specific threat you want to address.

Prevention and Protection are the first line of defense when it comes to fighting cyber threats. They help you reduce the damages, which can be done by cyber criminals through various activities like phishing, fraud, spear phishing, email attacks and hacking. Protection services help you determine, analyze, forecast and counter cyber security threats. Businesses often use this kind of cyber security solution to deal with emerging threats and vulnerabilities arising from the growing enterprise community. In today’s world, security threats can come from many different sources and it is often complicated to protect an enterprise from one vulnerability at the same time.

Detection is another type of cyber security solutions that can be used for quick detection and response. There are many uses of this cyber security solution including performing scans to identify potential vulnerabilities, preventing the exposure of critical data, and stopping the distribution of confidential information that could be exploited. Protection services are generally used for medium to high risk enterprises that are continuously exposed to cyber attacks. This kind of cyber security solutions will usually entail scanning for vulnerabilities, intrusion detection and response and the reporting of cyber attacks to the relevant parties. These services can also be used to provide threat modeling to improve the overall security posture of an organization.

Finally, there are some more advanced types of cyber security solutions. One example is the digital signature, content filtering, firewall, smart scan, and request management. A digital signature helps in the prevention of phishing attacks. Firewalls will prevent hackers from accessing your network and digital signature removes malware and adware from the system.

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