Review of the Most Famous Takamine Guitar Models


The new Guitar Model of the year – the Guitar Model of 2020 – is the Jasmine Guitar. This beautiful and elegant Takamine model captures the essence of the Jasmine Flower and her delicate beauty. Each year, Takamine presents their exquisite artistry with their highly anticipated Limited-Edition LTD model. This year, the LTD2019 “Peace” model ushers the foothills of Japan’s majestic Alps.

The Jasmine Guitar Model by Takamine is a tribute to the beauty and grace of the Jasmine Flower. This model features the traditional design of the classic Jass model but is finished in silver lacquer, which has a rich luster. The mahogany body of this guitar also sports a rich lacquer finish.

This guitar by Takamine is made in the traditional style of theĀ guitar models, using the exact same mahogany and maple veneer as its predecessors. The neck of this guitar, however, is of a longer, slimmer design. This is because of the shorter scale length, which is necessary for the guitar’s sound quality.

The mahogany body of the Jasmine Guitar by Takamine features a single pearl inlaid in the back. The pearl is mounted on the top of the body by a single cut diamond. It is accompanied by a thin lacquer border. The jade green finish on the rosewood fretboard is complemented by the maple tuners. The strap button is fashioned into a jade flower design.

The tremolo of the Jasmine Guitar by Takamine is covered in a clear lacquer. It is decorated with black acrylic stones. It can be adjusted according to the desired pitch and is very easy to control. The tuning keys of the guitar are gold plated and are surrounded by the rosewood fretboard.

The Guitar Model of 2020 is a beautiful guitar and represents the beauty of Japan. This guitar is available for $7000. When you place an order, you will receive a limited-edition booklet with photographs and specifications of each model, as well as a certificate of authenticity. from the brand.

The Taurus Guitar by Takamine is a model that comes with a unique rosewood body. It has been finished in satin nickel for a modern look and has the same mahogany and maple veneer design as the model number 1410.

The Taurus is a versatile guitar, making it perfect for use in all genres of music. The bridge plate and the fret board are covered in satin nickel and the pickup plate is adorned with a rosewood fretboard. The two black metal truss rods feature two gold plated screws.

The guitar by Takamine is finished in a special lacquer to resist moisture. This guitar is also equipped with the same rosewood and maple veneer design as the model number 1410.

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