Coronavirus Rapid Antigen Test Kit

The coronavirus rapid antigen test kit was created by investigators from the University of Texas MD School of Public Health. This novel method of diagnosis opens up new options for patients with potentially serious respiratory illnesses. The test can help provide vital information in identifying infections in the early stages so that treatment can be started promptly. It is an inexpensive means of determining if a patient may have respiratory distress related to a specific virus or bacteria. The kit can be used by individuals at home and has been approved by the FDA.

coronavirus rapid antigen test kit

Patients suffering from any type of respiratory illness should consider the use of this simple and noninvasive test to determine if they have a potentially serious illness. In most cases, an individual may show no symptoms for up to six weeks. However, these symptoms may increase in severity and intensity during the final week of the illness. Individuals with existing medical conditions should abstain from any testing involving live virus cultures until they have had the results from their test verified. In the event that the patient tests positive for a virus, he or she should seek immediate medical care.

This product from the University of Texas is a one-hour specimen collection kit that can be used for rapid testing. The test can be performed on an individual in fifteen minutes or less. A specially designed swab is used to collect a sample of fluid from the throat. A special laboratory strip is used to collect the sample and send it for evaluation.

An individual who desires to obtain this particular rapid antigen test must make the choice to purchase the product online. The test is available for immediate purchase upon receipt. No shipping charges apply unless an additional delivery option is chosen and accepted by the customer. The instructions for preparing the test are available in the online catalog. A printed catalogue will be provided upon request.

One should expect to get the results back within two weeks from ordering the test. The test results will provide detailed information about what the person is dealing with. The patient can then make the choice to see if they have a case of CFS. A patient may want to request blood tests to confirm diagnosis. These tests will cost extra and will not be included with the coronavirus rapid antigen test kit.

A person who has been exposed to the virus will need to undergo various symptoms in order to determine if they have contracted the illness. They will need to experience flu-like symptoms such as: headaches, fever, body aches, swollen lymph nodes, and loss of appetite. The virus can be present without any obvious symptoms. A healthcare professional should be consulted immediately if the person experiences these symptoms.

The rapid antigen test is ideal for those who want to get a definitive answer about their illness. It is much faster than other tests used to diagnose CFS and will give results quickly. This type of test does not affect the immune system and so a patient can be positive even if they have been exposed to the virus. However, those who are negative at the onset of the illness should wait to see if the tests come back positive before getting a diagnoses of CFS.

A positive result from the rapid antigen test will open up the door for a more accurate diagnosis. In addition to this, it is also a lot less expensive to get this test compared to others. A healthcare professional will be able to tell a patient about their condition and the course of treatment. CFS often has a lengthy course of treatment and can be treated successfully.

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